Corvallian Townsguard

sword-shield-512.png The Townsguard of Corvale serve as the primary police force in The City of Ious. The Townsguard was established in Year 1 — shortly after the settlement itself came to be.

The Townsguard is popularly regarded by the people of the world to have two distinct “eras.” Each era correlates with the overall size of Corvale and, as the people assert in frustrated tones, the respectability of the organization itself.

The Divine Era

The Townsguard commanded the most respect during its so-called Divine Era. During this era, guards held a social status not unlike that of the Order of Ioun’s clergy. The Townsguard made prideful claims of carrying out the Goddess’ will through their work, and Town Paladin was the organization’s introductory rank.

Each of the remaining eleven ranks carried similar names. They ranged from Town Paladin to High Capitan, each with distinct customary rights and duties. The High Captain of the Townsguard held office after many years of service. For that reason, many High Captains in the history of the Townsguard would go on to become Elders of Corvale.

The criminal population of early Corvale was proportionally small due in no small part to the Divine Townsguard — although the threat of banishment was also a significant deterrent.

The Modern Era

In time the Townsguard commands considerably less of the city’s respect. — renown is given when earned by the individual. The Townsguard’s sense of pride has become much more secular. Capitan — an alteration of the High Capitan rank of the past, is the only remaining official rank in the organization. Seniority largely takes precedence over rank, and whether a Townsguard has performed great deeds for the City or not, the more senior members of the organization are the ones to give orders.

During lulls in criminal activity, many of the more industrious Guards can be found around town assisting with odds and ends jobs ranging from simple errands to construction projects. Yet more can be found on patrol in the darker areas of town. And, as the claim goes, a smaller portion can be found actually doing their jobs in those same areas. When criminal activity is on the rise, the response from the Townsguard is more or less the same unless they are actively following orders from the Capitan.

Role in Corvale

The life of a Guard is filled with equal parts risk and reward, though, many claim the Townsguard of the Modern Era see a disproportionate amount of ‘reward,’ for relatively little effort. Given that virtually all Townsguard posts are within the safety of the City of Corvale, this may be the case.

The Townsguard has been and continues to be a secure way to earn a living in Corvale. Today, Its members join either by signing up at the Guard’s main Headquarters or as punishment for some malfeasance. The inclusion of the latter group was a controversial decision made by Zizo the Undaunted, who was concerned with the Townsguard’s thinning numbers.

Corvallian Townsguard

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