Nephis Rein

Occasionally timid; Occasionally rude; Occasionally a rat?


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Stats: Good at hiding.
Languages: Common, ???
Weapons: Shortsword


Nephis Rein is a human woman the party has encountered several times while on their travels. For this reason, not much is known about her outside of these encounters. She seems to vacillate between shyness and indignation unpredictably.

First Encounter

During the first encounter, it appeared that lightning struck a tree, which pinned her to the ground before the party came to her aid. As the party slept the following night, they were attacked by a Humanoid Rat creature whom they believed to be her. The creature ran off into the night, so this theory has not yet been proven.

Second Encounter

The second time the party met Nephis, she was found hiding in a human-sized burrow just large enough for her underneath of a rock. In this instance, she was much more aggressive than she was previously. The encounter ended with the party’s decision to move on without her.

Third Encounter

The party has recently found Nephis outside of her home village. The results of this encounter are pending.

Nephis Rein

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