Malark Sum

Elder of Corvale; Collector of Crystals; Vaguely Suspicious.


Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Stats: Average
Languages: Common, Infernal
Weapons: Club


Malark Sum is the current Elder of Corvale. He is generally positively received by the people of the city, and he has held his position in that status seventy years.

Sum’s origins are humble; being a Tiefling (one of the rarer races on Ious), his family was often the subject of prejudice. As such, they found it harder than usual to make an honest name for themselves in the Corvale.

As expected of anyone in that position, his parents turned to petty crimes in order to survive. In fact, extant records still exist that show them to have been jailed for theft on more than one occasion.

Sum, miraculously, was able to avoid a criminal past. The story goes that a powerful wizard took an interest in the Tiefling while he was young. Sum was able to learn a degree of magic, and he began implementing it to earn money for himself and his family. The end result left him with a fond appreciation for the acquisition of knowledge., which culminated in him spending time as an Acolyte and later as a member of the Corvallian Townsguard. His abilities and his devotion to Ioun earned the respect of the people, and when the previous elder, Arkus the Great, stepped down from his position, Sum was quickly appointed to the office.

Malark Sum

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