Lavinia Leagollow

Temperamental; Spontaneous; Fed Up


Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Stats: Nimble
Languages: Halving, Gnomish, Common.
Weapons: ???


Lavinia Leagollow is currently Malark Sum’s assistant in Corvale’s Town Hall. Her duties primarily include meeting visitors and processing the Elder’s appointments, but she is also called upon to perform various odds and ends tasks as required. In times of emergency, that might include mountains of paperwork, which she is not fond of.

Being close to the Elder of Corvale is a position that many in Corvale would kill to have. Based on the party’s interaction with Lavinia, it would seem that she could live without it. Regardless, her employment makes her an excellent source of information on Sum, if she can be convinced to part with it.

Not much is known about Lavinia’s personal life. She is rarely spotted anywhere other than the Town Hall…

Lavinia Leagollow

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