Dorhick Underdweller

Mysterious; Revolutionary; A Gnome?


Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Stats: ???
Languages: Gnomish
Weapons: Staff, Magic


Dorhik Underdweller was a Gnome from the Distant Peaks who is credited with founding the Order of Erathis in Corvale during Year 42. He was the first Gnome that the people of Corvale had ever seen.

Legend has it that he suddenly appeared in the city square early one morning — his appearance being unusual to the people, it is said that he had gathered something of a crowd even before he began speaking. When the people of Corvale were first exposed to his Gnomish words, the new language gathered even larger numbers of people. By the time a local wizard aided in translating his speech, thousands were present to witness it.

He spoke of Erathis — a Goddess that created the Gnomes in the Distant Peaks not long after the creation of the world itself. He then went on to interpret her commands:

  • Erathis does not contest Ioun’s claim to her realm; the two Goddess can, should and do coexist peacefully.
  • Worship of Erathis is not an act of defiance towards the Followers of Ioun
  • Ioun’s appearance is a call to explore the world and learn everything it has to offer.

Not much is known about this figure despite his relatively recent appearance and the massive impact he had on Ious. This has caused a great deal of argument among the citizens of corvale, Acolytes in particular.

Dorhick Underdweller

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