Curian Ironhouse

Owner of Oaktavern; Short Temperament; Shorter height.


Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Stats: Average
Languages: Common, Dwarvish
Weapons: Club


Curian Ironhouse the current barkeep and owner of Oaktavern. He is not a man of many words, though he tends to be no stranger to complaining. He is exceptionally tough for a common dwarf and he is fiercely loyal to his patrons and his clan.

Curian has revealed himself to be something of an ex-criminal. Around Year 190, he was one of Frath Starag’s band. After a few years of slaughtering innocents and noting Frath’s usual malice, he made off with the Band’s most coveted treasure.

Local legend holds that he earned his current position in the Tavern on his first day in the city as a law-abiding citizen. As the story goes, he walked into the building and knocked out the previous owner with a single blow.

He has demonstrated at least a cursory understanding of Magic, mainly through the use of Crystallized Spells. While this would not be particularly uncommon for any resident of Corvale, he has been known to demonstrate strange proficiency with them.

Curian Ironhouse

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