Arkus the Great

Genuine; Kind; Political


Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Male
Stats: Highly Perceptive
Languages: Common, Elvish
Weapons: Rapier; Longbow


Arkus the Great was the Elder of Corvale immediately before Malark Sum His tenure in the office lasted from Years 90-130, which grants him the distinction of longest-lived Elder.

He was almost universally regarded as the best Elder the settlement of Corvale has ever known. His efforts while in office carefully combined concern for the Teachings of Ioun with practical and new ideas that contributed to the welfare of the city. This includes officially acknowledging the existence of Erathis and defending the Order’s ability to gather in Corvale.

He stepped down from his office shortly before he passed away. In his personal life, he had a love of nature and was a skilled marksman. Perhaps the greatest surprise about his life is that he managed to die of old age, rather than at the hands of a monster while out in the Wilds.

Arkus the Great

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