The Fog of Ious

Worgs in the Woods

...Talking worgs, too!

The party followed Nephis into the Settlement as she took charge and carted Karon to a hut next to the village’s main source of entertainment; the Shepherd’s Crook. The Tiefling’s injuries nearly killed him on the spot, and time finished the job shortly thereafter. Almost immediately after this, the party heard a commotion coming from the pub.

An Elf, a Tiefling and the Party walk into the bar. After a general lack of interaction with the former and perhaps more interaction than was needed with the latter, Kreelash and Amabella joined the party. One made claims of service to a greater being, and the other was quick to tag along once some financial incentive was procured.

And who better to provide a financial incentive than the Halfling shouting about worgs? To be fair, he wasn’t the only one. It seems that the entire village council is abuzz over what to do about the beasts. After a bit of direction from the barkeep, the party ultimately learned of the village’s plight. It seems a pack of worgs has recently been causing more trouble than usual to the village’s livestock — enough to start talks about the village’s demise. This wouldn’t be uncommon fate for a Guild-sanctioned settlement, which makes the village’s success up until now all the more worth holding on to. The village used to have a wizard to protect them the ravages of the Wilds, but he seems to have gone missing ages ago and is presumed dead.

At any rate, the worgs seem to be highly intelligent — at least intelligent to speak Common, the party later found out. The party offered to help with the village’s problem and managed to track the creatures to a cave at the end of the western woods. Their intelligence spans further than the power of speech.; rough drawings adorn the external walls of their den, they seem to be capable of using fire and a handful of them even seemed to be ‘wearing’ scraps of leather to create a crude sort of armor.

It may have been interesting to observe them for some time, but that’s no longer an option. The party triggered a tripwire trap the worgs set, and they are all currently baring their fangs at the party!



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