The Fog of Ious

Returning to Corvale!

...and encountering a ton of crowds.

The party returned to corvale at about noon a day after they left the demolished tower behind. Some of you noticed an unusual amount of activity in the city from a distance. When the party passed through the city’s walls, as much became readily apparent to everyone.

It seems that there were immense gatherings both in front of the Town Hall and Marketplaces. In the former case, they took the form of a long line waiting to get in. Igan Dunndragon, who was in full uniform and barking orders to the citizens, informed you all that the commotion was the result of the Elder’s promise to compensate anyone who had property damaged in the bandit raid. Curian Ironhouse left the party to go and tend to his bar (no pun intended), and invited you all to come around later to get the drinks he promised you. The rest of you went in.

Amidst doubts, suspicions and one entirely fed up Lavinia, the party left the Town hall with part of their reward and perhaps a bit more suspicion towards the Elder than they expected to leave with. As promised, the Elder gave you each one preemptive pardon on any crimes committed in the city…short of murder, which he said the Townsguard must get involved with.

His fascination with the dragon you encountered seemed to fall short of the surprise the party was expecting. He offered you each 50GP extra for the trouble. A few dirty glances shared between Sum and a few of the party members left everyone with two key questions: Did Sum know the dragon would be waiting atop the tower? Where does he intend to find the gold to pay for the damages?

Aeson is hoping to get information out of Lavinia in the form of a date; Aiko wishes to do some research regarding their encounter with Nephis during their journey home, and Jamester and Ciraena seem contented to re-supply and wander the City after a rough time away.



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