The Fog of Ious


A harsh world consisting of only a single island-continent said to have been brought to the physical plain by the Goddess Ioun. The remainder of the planet is nothing but vicious ocean and the horrible creatures which inhabit it.

The largest – and only – city in the world of Ious is Corvale, a settlement said to have been founded by the Goddess herself with the aid of the First Explorers of Ious. Between hordes of monsters, and a large criminal population, the city would not be much to brag about by normal standards. Corvale is the light of Ious; the epitome of Ioun’s edicts in the mortal world.

Various factions , most notably the Followers of Ioun and the Order of Erathis – a group who flock under the goddess Erathis and the Explorer’s Guild – have tried to emulate it. But the perils of life on Ious are yet too great to overcome permanently. Matters are only made worse when mortal avarice and ruthless personal agendas are thrown into the mix.

There’s no telling what curious adventurers will find as they take part in these pioneering efforts to map and settle the continent.

Slowly but surely, the fog surrounding the Ious will be lifted.

The Fog of Ious